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As Norma in Cape Town, South Africa


"...the exquisite soprano of Virginia Grasso in the role of Violetta.  Grasso's opulent sound - round and strong, yet amazingly flexible for such a big voice - was enough to carry the production all by itself. Her "Ah, fors'e lui"  and  "Sempre libera"  in Act I were brilliant, every roulade accurate, every ornamented phrase meticulous - and the ringing sustained high E flat at the aria's end was thrilling.  In the last act, the sheer beauty of her voice in  "Addio del passato" could wring tears from a stone.  And later on her death bed, an angelic quality suffused the aria "Prendi, quest'e l'immagine"  as the dying Violetta generously bids Alfredo to marry a pure young virgin after she is gone. But undeniably, what raised this Traviata to its emotionally affective level was the vocal beauty and subtle interpretation of the tragic figure of Violetta Valery by soprano Virginia Grasso."

Florence Fisher / Sarasota Herald Tribune, Sarasota, Florida

As Violetta in  La Traviata  in Bogota, Colombia

"Virginia Grasso, who truly captivated the audience with her beautiful voice which she handles stupendously, her knowledge of this role and the emotion she puts into each of her moments.

We were lucky to have the occasion to admire the art of this artist, whom we hope to hear at Bellas Artes again."

Jose Antonio Fernandez / El Dia, Mexico City, Mexico

As Violetta, backstage at New York City Opera

"Virginia Grasso...helped by a beautiful voice and well developed one, she built a deeply human character in her femininity, and she succeeded in being convincing and even moving."

Fatima Medeiros / Lisbon, Portugal

As Violetta in  La Traviata  in Bogota, Colombia

"As Violetta, soprano Virginia Grasso ...has the vocal agility to perform flawlessly the coloratura fireworks of Act I.  But she also produces a darker, richer lyrical tone that is equally impressive, and perhaps more beautiful, in the succeeding acts.

Her Violetta was sturdy but vulnerable, mature but attractive.  She accepted her suffering with noble poise."

Janie Caves McCauley/ Greenville News, Greenville, SC

As Violetta in  La Traviata  in Bogota, Colombia

With Justino Diaz as Germont


"Virginia Grasso as Donna Anna projected vibrantly and sang with nobility."

Anthony Tommasini / The New York Times

"The women on stage in this Harold Prince production were all impeccable, from the energized Donna Anna of Virginia Grasso... The timbre and dark color of the voices of Grasso and... lyric-dramatic sopranos, were tender on the ear."

Franco Borrelli / Oggi 7, NewYork City

As Donna Anna in  Don Giovanni . Backstage at NY City Opera

"...beautiful, powerful, but at the same time velvety smooth and flexible voice, which is capable of not only dramatic fortes, but also sweet sounding pianissimos. Whether she sings continuous notes onto which a crescendo is turned into a decrescendo or an ensemble with rapid bursts of lengthy legato phrases - she is capable of employing the technique to execute everything with apparent ease while her acting is at the same time totally credible in highly dramatic scenes. She sings the well known  "Casta diva"  beautifully in true bel canto style."

Die Burger / Cape Town, South Africa

"Virginia Grasso sang the title role. Her technical abilities are a wonder to listen to. Not only are the numerous bel canto soprano passages handled with aplomb, but they are also treated with a wonderful emotional tenderness and musical sensitivity.

...there was a constant alertness to the character's inner struggle that lifted this production way above the ordinary."

Carle Fourle / The Argus, Cape Town, South Africa

As Norma in Cape Town, South Africa

"Virginia Grasso convincingly met the challenges of the role, surpassing herself at each moment, splendid in the dramatic scenes of the second act as well as the duets with Pollione and Adalgisa. In the "Casta diva"  (and how difficult to sing this cavatina cold!) she sang with sentiment, and breath to spare throughout the long legato phrases."

Manuel del Campo / Sur - Al Dia, Malaga, Spain

"The best thing was that the mythic Norma had at her service an important voice, that of Virginia Grasso,very refined and educated in the expression of the bel canto cavatinas; fearless extension and secure in the esthetic of the cabaletta. She filled the role and warmed the character from the contained coperta (not cold) of the "Casta diva" until the fury of the last arias and duets. Warm color, breath, elegant diction, great phrasing

The auditorium, filled to capacity on Friday, generously applauded the singers, especially the very respectable Senora Grasso."

G. Garcia-Alcalde / La Provincia, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

As Norma in Cape Town, South Africa

Susana Poretsky as Adalgisa

"We had to applaud the participation of soprano Virginia Grasso, with so many resources of interpretation, a noble actress and a great bel canto singer. With a style very suave and absolutely satisfying, a singing line of exceptional quality and high level of maturity and intelligence,her Norma deserves to be remembered."

Antonio Cillero / Opera Actual Magazine, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


"The performances by the principal singers Virginia Grasso and John Hancock...are particularly impressive. Both singers are talented actors with powerful voices."

David J. Levin / Kurt Weill Newsletter

As the soprano soloist in  Carmina Burana , Debut at New York City Opera

"In the current production, the music,under conductor Imre Pallo, and sung magnificently by Virginia Grasso, soars musically..."

Larry S. Ledford / New Jersey Press Journal

"Soprano Virginia Grasso sang brilliantly."

Bill Zakariasen / The Westsider

As the Soprano Soloist in  Carmina Burana  at New York City Opera