"In 2008, NYCO introduced me to Virginia with a specific goal in mind: to improve my high notes (Eb specifically).  Eleven years later, we are still working together and my voice has grown in ways I had never hoped for nor expected!  Virginia is an amazing teacher with just the right combination of support and push to help me and my voice expand and grow.  Her ear is astoundingly specific. Sometimes I think she can honestly hear me thinking.  I credit her with helping my voice reach new heights and stay there and helping me align my voice.  Virginia has given me the skills and confidence to believe in myself."

- Lauren Worsham,

Tony nominee/Drama Desk/Theatre World -award winner for Phoebe in "A Gentleman's Guide To Love And Murder", NYCO, City

Center Encore's, Montclair Peak Performances, Goodspeed Opera House.

Amy Justman and Lauren Worsham with Kelly O'Hara

(singing Three Little Maids Are We

“Virginia is the key to all of the progress I have made as a classical and legit musical theater singer over the past 7 years. She is an expert at achieving a beautiful, fully aligned voice. Her ear is exacting, but she is always warm and supportive, celebrating even the small victories in all of her students. I recommend her all the time to my colleagues!”

- Amy Justman,

6 Broadway shows including Carousel, Phantom of the Opera and Company; soloist at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kennedy

Center and Ravinia Festival

"Virginia Grasso is an amazing teacher. She teaches a true bel canto technique, a rare and precious find nowadays. I have studied with her for fifteen years and in that time she has guided me through singing on a Metropolitan Opera broadcast, with LA Opera, NYCO & Houston Grand Opera. But whether the venue is large or small, her technique and commitment stay the same. I am a better singer and artist because of Virginia Grasso."

- Tonna Miller,

Metropolitan Opera, NYC Opera

"When cast in  A Little Night Music to understudy Angela Lansbury AND the Leibesleider I knew I'd need help. Virginia came into my life and whipped me into shape. My technique has improved considerably and  I am more confident than ever thanks to her careful attentions. Nine years later, she continues to be the bedrock of my vocal health and I continue to be competitive because of her."

- Karen Murphy- Broadway credits include:

A little Night Music, 9 to 5, All Shook Up, 42nd St,

A Christmas Carol, Titanic

"Virginia Grasso was recommended to me when I was looking for someone to help me overhaul my voice. I had just finished a six-year run performing a role that was vocally taxing, including legit singing, belting and screaming. I was also dealing with the challenges of being a mature female singer. We went back to square one and note by note, Virginia helped me realign my voice. She has the best ears in the biz, impeccable technique and a million different ways of helping you understand and execute. Virginia truly cares about her students singing their best, whether for the Opera stage or the Broadway stage."

Ruth Gottschall – Broadway credits include Mary Poppins, The Music Man, A Funny Thing…Forum and Cabaret. NYCO; The Desert Song.

Click to hear Virginia sing Gran Scena from Rossini's "Ermione"

With Roberta Laws

"I am so grateful to Virginia Grasso. In 2005 I was introduced to Virginia knowing my voice needed to be healed but not knowing how to heal it. I had been diagnosed and treated for acid reflux and although I was physically healthy, I was not vocally healthy. I had found a way to technically compensate for the affect acid reflux had on my middle and lower middle registers. Virginia lovingly, patiently and methodically placed my voice in the palm of her hand and aligned my registers note by note…note by note she and I worked technically until my voice was lined up. She always encouraged me to never give up, and she never gave up. I am eternally grateful to her for giving me back the voice that I thought I had lost forever; better than it had ever been. Thank you, my teacher…my friend."

- Roberta Laws,

San Francisco Opera, Seattle Opera, Dallas

Opera, Portland Opera, Opera Carolina, and many other credits.  Voice faculty of North Carolina Central University.

Virginia has been my teacher for many years, and thanks to her, I have a technique that allows me to sing almost any genre of music, with a voice that is fully resonant and wholly my own. I'm very grateful to Virginia, and her patience with me! She has seen me through my debut at Carnegie Hall, and through rough patches, through highs and lows, she and the technique she teaches have been invaluable to me.

- Silvie Jensen,

Carnegie Hall, San Francisco Opera, Lyric Opera

of Chicago

"Virginia Grasso is not only a consummate technician, but a caring and supportive teacher with ears and advice I fully trust.

I began studying with Virginia at a critical time when I needed to include more leading lady roles to my ingenue-only repertoire. As we worked together, my voice bloomed.  Later, she patiently helped me recover vocally after a difficult pregnancy and c-section so I could get back on stage with confidence."

"Virginia Grasso is a true and rare vocal technician.

I find Virginia to be passionate about healthy singing and is patient with her students to allow for true understanding of her technique.  More importantly, Virginia invested in me and in return she expected the best from me."

- Laurelyn Watson ChaseNYGASP

- Robert Mack, Metropolitan Opera, NYCO

"Choosing to study voice with Virginia Grasso was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. She came to me at a time where I was at a crossroads in my vocal life. I knew there was another level to my technique and talent that I needed to uncover. With Virginia, we have gone inside and gotten to the nitty gritty of my voice. I always feel like I grow leaps and bounds in my lessons. She truly customizes my experience to the exact needs of my voice. Based on true Bel Canto techniques, Virginia truly figures out what makes your individual voice "tick". It's so important for the teacher/student relationship that there be trust and honesty...... I have found that and more with Virginia."

- Kenneth Overton, San Francisco Opera, NYC Opera, Royal Danish Opera, Broadway, La Boheme, L'Opera de Montreal, Deutsche Oper Berlin

"Ms. Grasso has been a guiding light in my vocal development. Not only is she solidly versed in vocal technique, she approaches her students as budding professionals, building up all the necessary components of an artist as a whole; including musicality, presentation, and the overall package. She has been an inspiration to work with, and it is under her guidance that I have been offered my first professional engagements, due in no small part to her talent and care."

- Antonina Ermolenko

"After moving to New York and trying out several teachers I decided to ask a few colleagues who had solid knowledge of their voices and technique for recommendations.  All roads led me to Virginia.  My time in Virginia's studio has indeed changed the course of my life and career.  She has exercised extreme patience with me in the process and exudes much needed enthusiasm and encouragement.  If you are looking for a safe, yet professional environment that will push you to a new level; look no further."

- Olanna Goudeau, America's Got Talent, ACTE II, Salt Marsh Opera, Cincinnati Opera, American Spiritual Ensemble, Theatro da Paz

Studio class, 2018

"Virginia has extensive knowledge on voices and the Bel canto technique. She is equally skilled at refining an already accomplished singer or helping build a voice while keeping what is unique to the sound. I have been a student of Virginia for the last seven years and she has given me invaluable tools to better understand my voice and ultimately to own my technique. If you are looking to master the art of singing I cannot think of a better teacher."

- Romina Gurian

"I have worked with Virginia Grasso for seven years. Virginia was recommended to me by NYCO. I had for many years enjoyed a busy international career but there were always things that I felt could be significantly improved, I also had developed an inconsistency in my vibrato and would come in and out of my resonance. In my first lesson Virginia was not only able to identify  exactly what my technical issues were but set about fixing them, so quickly did I improve under her tutelage that within weeks other people could hear and began commenting on the difference. My range has increased, my voice is even from top to bottom. I was always a good top C soprano, but found my Ds were allusive... I now have a consistent Eb. I continue to travel the globe singing and do not have the luxury to have consistent lessons, but I warm up daily using Virginia's exercises. I find that she has enabled me to be a master of my own voice and technique... Virginia is a wonderful teacher , compassionate, empathetic, detailed, exacting and encouraging, I can not recommend her highly enough."

- Alison Buchanan, International Opera Singer

"Working with Virginia has opened up what feels like new pockets of resonance and expression in my voice, not to mention improved vocal health and function. I am so excited by the changes I’ve experienced in a few short months and looking forward to the future in her studio!”

- Kyra Miller, "Rags", Theatreworks, "The Light in the Piazza", Philadelphia Theatre Company

- Gilad Paz. "VOCE NOVA"

"Virginia Grasso has had an instrumental influence on my career so far.

In the years I have been working with her she has taken my voice into new heights: aligning the sound from bottom to top, tripling the volume of my middle voice without any extraneous effort, and freeing up my high notes. Deeply rooted in the Bel Canto technique, Virginia's teaching methods and her way of explaining this classic technique have had a very positive impact on me, both as a singer and a performer.

In addition, working with her has steered me into a more cohesive repertoire, and a package that is unique yet marketable. This has also been getting me more and more jobs on a consistent basis. I recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone who is seeking a great voice teacher."