studio locations: Midtown Manhattan and Hudson Heights

What a thrill it was for me to meet and coach with Luciano.

His accolades and encouraging words meant so much to me

as a young singer.

And, more recently having the privilege of being acquainted with Marilyn Horne, not only a great singer, but also a very special lady.

My only regret is that I never had the honor of meeting Joan Sutherland, but she inspired me to work hard on my coloratura.

I grew up listening to these voices.  Lucky me !!!


Maria Callas.

I learned to love Callas later on.

She inspired me to dig deeper, use the words and listen to the music.  What an Artist !

Franco Corelli ! In a category all his own. As a very young singer I had a colleague who had every recording that Corelli had made. We would sit for hours listening.

What an education !!!

Carolina Segrera - My mentor and friend.  I learned so much about the style of bel canto singing from her.  She instilled confidence in me and renewed my love of singing opera.

She passed in 1998.

How I miss her!!

John Beeson - My vocal coach and mentor at NYCO. He always challenged me to do better.

He's simply The Best!!!!

Virginia Bitar Lindle - Ginny was my voice teacher for over 30 years! I was lucky to fall into these kind, nurturing, knowledgeable hands at the tender age of 13. She slowly and patiently gave me a technical foundation that kept developing through the years and enabled me to sing some of the most difficult music in the operatic repertoire.  So much of what she taught me I impart to my own students. Just love you, my voice teacher and friend!!